At Engconomics, we believe that simply the best will do. For our customers, for our company and for our community.

Our Customers: Working with our clients as a trusted partner, to identify and deploy real, tangible improvements, that unlock significant value. Solving even the most difficult problems, by being able to generate unique insights that in turn support better decision-making. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, so there are no barriers to the unique solutions we are able to provide.  

Our Company: Creating a company culture and environment that is agile, exciting, and engaging. We work in an collaborative eco-system mobilising and energising our people, partners and clients in teams driven by the achievement of purpose, in solving the most demanding problems. We support continuous development of our people, our partners and the communities in which we function.

Our Communities: Overcoming challenges to extend our advantages to all our stakeholders for the benefit of every community touched by our operations. We don’t just deliver value for the sake of profit, we believe in investing in a sustainable, successful future for all our people, communities, and country. We see potential rather than problems.

Engineered Solutions. Economics of doing it differently. 
“Simply Engcono”


Engconomics is an Engineering Consultancy with a passion for excellence. Innovative, Agile, Deliberate & Insightful. We strive to be more than the sum of our parts.

The right people, doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons is important to us. Integrity is central to what Engconomics is all about. Whether it is hardcore Engineering, detailed Design, Performance Improvement, Analytics, or Assurance, our employees, together with associates and partners want to work with you to make a real, meaningful, lasting difference.

Opportunity fuels our thinking. By addressing your organization holistically, we provide insight-based solutions that balance risk and reward for exceptional returns.


Whether you are building something new, or improving something that has been around for a while, solid up-front engineering is critical, to ensuring functionality, safety, environmental impact, energy efficiency and performance optimisation. Your data is your wealth. Let’s put it to work. Through future-fit analytics and data modelling, we’ll help you develop better insights into your operations and unlock the potential that already exists within your people, processes, and systems.



Production, Engineering, asset management and reliability are all only as good as the people driving them. Your people are your strength. Welcome to a future of greater effectiveness, safer workplaces, and advanced levels of performance. By better equipping your workforce, you are empowering tomorrow with a safer, more skilled today.



Your assets are your livelihood. Reliability and efficiency unlock possibilities for growth. Partnering with Engconomics produces insights that ensure better asset management and remarkable reliability improvement. Coupling this with higher utilisation results in tangible bottom line performance improvements.




Your greatest challenges provide the context within which we integrate our products. Our integrated solutions & deliverables include:

  • Multi-disciplinary Engineered Solutions, including design and execution
  • Business Turnaround advisory & execution services
  • Life-cycle management advisory & execution services
  • Turnkey & EPCM project feasibility, design & implementation
  • Risk, Safety, Sustainability & Advisory, Audit & Assurance services
  • Independent Technical Advisory, Audit & Assurance services




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