What is the state of your asset management practice? Partner with Engconomics Physical Asset Management & Reliability Services to ensure it is world class.

You need attested, efficient solutions to improve your asset management capabilities without creating costing barriers, so why partner with anyone else?    

Our services include:   

  • AM Assessments   
  • Data Mining and Analyses   
  • Decision Support   
  • Reliability Improvement   
  • Skills development.   

By relying on substantiated insights, we will assist you with tactical interventions to evaluate, analyse and optimise your asset management to improve performance, predict maintenance and develop skills within your workforce to sustain advancements.    

Products/ Solutions   

We specialise in proving the right solution to the most challenging problems- and we pride ourselves on doing it in ways that reduce costs, and drive revenue increase. That is how we measure value for our clients.    

Our solutions include:   

  • Application of the AM Book of Knowledge  

The Engconomics BoK comprises publications including textbooks, papers, international standards and presentations in the fields of Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability. It covers international standards such as PAS 55 and ISO 55 000.    

In addition to the published resources, we are continuously expanding our benchmarking database as we perform assessments and interact with clients. We consult the database in support of developing policies, frameworks, procedures and training material, tailored to our client’s requirements.      

We also perform audits and assessments, and we train, coach and manage performance to provide our clients with holistic solutions.    

  • AM and Reliability Tools   

Engonomics provides clients with methodologies, templates and software tools to perform asset related functions efficiently within the client’s organisation. We endeavour to correctly identify the needs and provide specific solutions to achieve tangible objectives. We never flood our clients with volumes of generic knowledge.  

By relying on industry knowledge and an acute sense of optimisation, we will provide you with products and solutions to develop a reliable AM policy, optimise your asset life cycle and improve maintenance plans.     

Get in touch to see how our team of experts can help you improve your assets management and reliability with unrivalled industry and academic experience.    

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