Engconomics is able to draw on deep industry expertise, academic thought leadership and novel approaches in order to define, design, refine and deploy engineered solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

Our multi-disciplinary Engconomics ecosystem employs and partners with some of the brightest engineering minds out there. We are able to integrate our Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Process and Chemical Engineering skill sets in order to tackle the most demanding challenges. Whether we need to go back to first principles or need to harness sophisticated, integrated concepts, we are able to come up with innovative solutions to address our customers needs. We have become specialists in the art of solving problems.

Solutions & Services:

We have developed a reputation as a “go-to” Engineering consultancy, when technical solutions are required either at great urgency or to solve previously “un-cracked” problems. When things require a fresh approach, new thinking, or innovative, well researched solutions, Engconomics will get it done.


Making data-driven decisions based on industry insights is the next step in business optimisation. Some call it the 4th industrial revolution but at Engconomics, it’s simply part of how we create greater cohesion and value for our clients. It is how we enable better decision making. 

By integrating Modelling and Advanced Analytics as a decision support tool, we identify the real root-cause of problems and uncover the true improvement potential. At a time where the market appetite for Artificial and Business Intelligence is growing, we’re committed to providing you with services and solutions that have high integrity, advanced decision support at the core.

Our services include:

With our ability to engage an optimised team of highly capable resources, we offer our clients problem solving proficiency, and track record that speaks of our aptitude for developing unique insights that ensure extraordinary value.


We specialise in providing the right solution to the most challenging problems – and we pride ourselves on doing it in ways that reduce costs, and drive revenue increase. That is how we measure value for our clients. 

Our solutions include: 

By relying on data, analytics and solutions modelling, we will provide you with products and solutions to develop unique insights and tangible, sustained improvements.

Get in touch to see how our team of experts can help you improve your decision-making abilities with unrivalled industry and academic experience.