Engconomics is able to draw on deep industry expertise, academic thought leadership and novel approaches in order to define, design, refine and deploy engineered solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

Enterprise Development

We are therefore committed to empowering people, organisations, and communities in South Africa by facilitating solutions that address people’s skills & competencies, organizational culture, and community development through:
  1. Conducting assessments to inform better and data-driven decisions (this includes change-readiness and adoption, learning needs, and safety and risk assessments)
  2. Developing people through internationally recognized, ISO 55000 accredited Asset Reliability training for all levels through our partnership with Mobius Institute
  3. Recognizing that people learn differently and introducing different & innovative ways of learning including Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, and Gamification
  4. Aligning and mobilising organisations from leadership to shopfloor level through our unique 100-day Projects
  5. Deliberate transfer of ownership for problem-solving and operational performance improvement to front-line people through our unique 100-day Projects.
  6. Providing industry with vetted Reliability Engineers and research capability

Our solutions include:

We are extending our access to capable, passionate engineering resources to benefit  our communities. We’re dedicated to transferring the skills and knowledge entrenched in our partnerships to help alleviate youth unemployment and support creation of small and medium enterprises.   

Socio-economic & Community Development  

We specialise in proving the right solution to the most challenging problems – and we pride ourselves on doing it in ways that benefit people, organisations , and communities in South Africa through socio-economic development that focuses on:  
  1. Youth employment and SME development supported by the development of technical skills in AM & Reliability 
  2. Assisting clients to advance their communities with skills development in other, non-technical areas that are relevant, economic drivers in the eco-systems they operate in. 

Our solutions include:

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Classroom/Online learning Solutions in Reliability Engineering

Through our Partnership with Mobius Institute, Engconomics provides a wealth of classroom and online learning material aimed at guiding the implementation, providing the skills, competence and building confidence in the people engaged in reliability improvement.

Virtual/Augmented Reality learning solutions in Maintenance optimization, Safety and Reliability

At Engconomics, we acknowledge and believe that people learn differently. Through our Partnership with The Boiler Room, we offer experiential learning solutions that create fully immersive experience in Safety, Maintenance and Reliability.